I Am A Proud Parent With A Kid With…..

autism dad t shirt

We don’t care.

I’ve noticed an irritating trend on Facebook, as I grow older and more people my age have children. It’s parents who expect constant validation for caring for a kid who is sick or has developmental problems. I can understand posting updates about a child’s development, but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about all the annoying shit like, “I AM A PROUD PARENT OF A SICK CHILD!” Or, the most popular, “I AM A PROUD PARENT OF A CHILD WITH AUTISM!” Or the most annoying thing, posting links to t-shirts that say this shit. It’s almost like a very small, microscopic version of Munchausen’s by-Proxy, except they don’t make their child sick. When my mom worked extremely hard to save my life as an infant, she didn’t go around yammering to other people wanting validation. The same with relatives who have a son with Down’s Syndrome. You know why? Because, as a parent, you’re SUPPOSED to save your child.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that threads are filled with, “Poor (Name)!” and “(Name) is so brave!” about the kid in question. Most of the time, if the child is very young (like, before age five), being sick is all they’ve known. They do suffer, but they do it a lot stoically than the parents. They have to. Speaking from experience (having spent most of the time from the ages of newborn to five in a hospital), the only time I really knew that something was wrong with me was because adults made a big deal. I personally didn’t feel like anything was wrong, even though there were times when I felt lousy. I didn’t care that I spent all my time in the hospital. Adults cared of course. They thought I was living in Hell. It wasn’t so bad. I got toys all the time and was pampered by the hospital staff. I was used to not being around my parents or other children (except those that were very sick in the Play Room). Now if I were an older child I probably would have cared, but I was pretty much better after age five. And I imagine it all depends on what kind of illness you have. I had heart problems and digestive problems (I didn’t eat solid foods until around age four, except for sucking salt off of chips or crackers).

So, parents, get off Facebook once in a while and care for your child like you’re supposed to. We don’t want to hear that shit anyway. You know all we want out of Facebook is cat photos and videos. In next week’s complaint, hear me talk about how I want to smack kids who whine about having colds upside the head.