In the early 1940s, George Orwell started writing for a column called “As I Please”, for the British left-wing paper “Tribune”. He joined after resigning from his job at the BBC in November of 1943. He joined the Tribune as a literary editor. Years before Orwell started writing for it, the “As I Please” column started out as “Writing As I Please”.

He wrote his “As I Please” column for three and a half years. As Wikipedia states, “The articles allowed Orwell to digress freely over whatever topics came into his mind, including reminiscences, nature observations, gleanings from books and thoughts on the political situation. Each article roamed from one theme to another without any need for formal continuity but had no title indicating the content.”

The last article appeared in April of 1947, with the words, “For the last five minutes I have been gazing out of the window into the square, keeping a sharp look-out for first signs of spring.”

Now I am not comparing myself to George Orwell. That is absurd. But I was inspired to create a blog with no one theme. Where I could write whatever I wanted, as I please. Sometimes I post essays from other writers in between my own blog posts.

My articles are a bit longer than the ones Orwell wrote for the Tribune. Some are personal and some are just observations. A couple of them are nothing more than lists.

I finish this About section with a paragraph from one of my favorite Orwell “As I Please” articles, where he’s talking about visiting Greenwich (December 31, 1943 article):

“If you climb to the top of the hill in Greenwich Park, you can have the mild thrill of standing exactly on longitude 0°, and you can also examine the ugliest building in the world, Greenwich Observatory. Then look down the hill towards the Thames. Spread out below you are Wren’s masterpiece, Greenwich Hospital (now the Naval College) and another exquisite classical building known as the Queen’s House. The architects responsible for that shapeless sprawling muddle at the top of the hill had those other two buildings under their eyes while every brick was laid.”

You can reach me (E) at esjacobson1@gmail.com.

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