The Parallels of Animal Farm

steadman animal farm


Just recently have I realized that I have very little if any pages dedicated to George Orwell’s second most famous novel, “Animal Farm”. So I thought I’d jot down some notes on the parallels between some characters/events/misc topics to their historical counterparts.


OLD MAJOR: Vladimir Lenin
NAPOLEON: Joseph Stalin
SNOWBALL: Leon Trotsky
SQUEALER: Pravda, newspaper of Soviet Russia.
YOUNG PIGS: White Army


MR. JONES: Czar Nicholas II
MR. FREDERICK: Adolf Hitler
MR. PILKINGTON: Winston Churchill
MR. WHYMPER and the PIGEONS: Foreign agents of the Communist Internationale.


BOXER: Russian proletariat
MOLLIE: The Old Money bourgeoise

Other Animals:

MOSES: Russian Orthodox Church

Events and Misc. Topics

ANIMAL REBELLION: Russian Revolution of 1917
BATTLE OF THE COWSHED: Anti-Revolutionary invasion of Russia in 1918.
BATTLE OF THE WINDMILL: Battle of Stalingrad in World War II
FINAL SCENE (meeting of men and pigs): Teheran Conference
OLD MAJOR’S SKULL: Lenin’s body
CHASING AWAY JONES: Execution of Czar Nicholas II and family
CONFESSIONS AND EXECUTIONS: Blood purges of 1936-1938
SELLING OF WOOD: Nazi-Soviet pact
HOOF AND HORN FLAG: Hammer and sickle



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