Creamy Paper


When checking my Stats I look at the search engine terms that bring people to my blog. Normally they are routine and predictable terms pertaining to the blog post in question. One of my most popular posts is the one about detailing the character of Winston Smith from George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four”. Today I found that someone (a person or spam bot I don’t know) typed in:

“why is winston smith’s paper creamy”

In my essay about Winston, I don’t reference why Winston Smith’s journal paper is creamy.  Obviously that was my mistake. To make it up to that one lone person, I will do so right now:

I imagine Winston fixates on the beautifully creamy journal paper because it is a stark contrast to the gloomy, dark, totaltarian environment he now lives in. Whether Orwell himself intended it to be this way or not I can’t say. I haven’t spoken to the guy recently. This is just an assumption on how most symbolism works.

I hope this helps your homework assignment.


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