A Letter to a Grandfather From His “Grandaughter”

Recently I came upon a letter written to a grandfather from his granddaughter:


Dear Grandpa,

I miss you! My boyfriend hates me. He almost hit me with a ball! But we made up. Lenonerd died! On Thanksgiving. We got a new cat. Named Fred. When will you give me my gift? I went to a gift shop at school. Called The Santa Shop! I got my mom, dad, and sister and me a gift. I wish I could get you a gift but I couldn’t! In two weeks I will be on winter break! On the 20th I will be gone! Can you come to Las Vegas. How come you don’t write back? I got a funny friend named Tiffany. Can you call us? On the 20th I got a party.

Your Friend and grandaughter,


PS: Please write back!
PPS: Santa is coming to town!


I, of course, was that granddaughter. This was just a way to remember my grandfather. He died in March of 1997 and was born on this day, October 17th, of 1914.


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